I started liking Rock N Roll a lot when I heard SteppenWolfs song Magic Carpet Ride.What I really liked about that song is the voice, and the speed of the song. I remember everytime it came on the radio my dad would turn up the radio and just listening and singing with the song in my head.

I started to like AC/DC in the 6th Grade when I heard their Song ThunderStruck while listening to it while riding my bike to school. I thought it was very good. my favorite part of that song was the epic begining of the song with the guitar and maclom and cliff singing Thunder while the drums had that perfect beat to make the song sound good. the next songs i heard from them were Back in Black, Hells Bells, and For Those About To Rock We Salute You. After listening those songs i thought this band was epic with the guitar in the beginning of the song. i will admit right now that i think Brian Johnson the current singer had a better voice than Bon Scott (Rock In Peace) their singer before Johnson.

When i finally got my hands on some of Bon Scotts material. He was a great singer with my favorites High Voltage, TNT, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheep, Bad Boy Boggie, Problem Child, Hell aint a bad place to be, girls got rhythem, and Highway to Hell.

even to this day 4 years later, my sister and I still get into fights about who is the better singer Bon Scott or Brian Johnson.

The reason I like Brian Johnson’s work better is because of the growl and the power is voice. Even at age 62 when they recorded live at RiverPlate i still think he’s got the voice and showed the whole world he is not going to retire.

When I really got into AC/DC I Bought their album Black Ice and my favorite song from my first bought Hard Rock album. the best song in my opinion from that album was Rock N Roll Train. It was so good to the point I bought the Rock N Roll Train T-Shirt. I was willing to save up for the ticket to go see them in concert but did not save up enough money before they sold out at the Honda Center. The Ticket was $75. I still have hope that they will one day go on tour and I have enough money to go see them no matter where i am going to college.

The story Begins and dont forget Rock N Roll Aint Noise Pollution