I first heard Motorhead on WWF When HHH came out to his song “The Game” and his 2nd song “king of Kings”. the next time i heard motorhead without the help of WWE was on 93.1 Jack FM with a song called “Ace Of Spades”.  I automatically knew it was Motorhead when i heard Lemmy Kilmister’s voice on the song. it took me about 2 years later to  get my first full album from them. The Album was called 1916. The songs that make that album rememerable to me was the songs “No Voices in the Sky”, “Going to Brazil”, and “Angel City”. The reason why No Voices in the sky was so rememerable to me because of the insturments in the beginning and the lyrics from the chorus “No one hears the scream,No voices in the sky, confusion blinds the  eye,Can’t take it with you when you die,No voices in the sky”.

The only reason why I like Going to Brazil is the speed of the song and the lyrics “Cant sit still flying down to rio going to brazil.”

The best song of the album 1916 is a song called “Angel City”. I like it because it is more relevant to LA than the song “I Love LA” (in my opionion, Dont like it u can comment about it).

The only problem i have with this band is when Lemmy plays live he is drunk and you cant understand him sometimes, but i still think that band is one of the best bands and deserves to be in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame more than Donna Summer.

Just cant wait to see them at the Gibson Ampiteater on Febuary 24th with Megadeth for the GIGANTOUR