The Angels should keep both Trumbomb both and the Cuban Missle for 3 reasons:

1. Depth

2. Power protection in all of the lineup.

3. Keep the Young Guns Playing in the Minor leagues

The Angels need the Depth just in case one of our first basemens go down. Both Mark and Kendrys can play in the outfield so we can keep Trout down their and keep working on his stuff. One more reason to keep both of them is that they can possibly play 3rd base.

The Angels can put one of these players behind Pujols to protect him and put the other player (If they decide to play both of them) behind the 6th or 7th batter.this will easily make the lineup more protected and with the hopefully better season production from hunter and wells this would make the Angels lineup very balanced between base hit and speed batters and power hitters.

3. Just in case any of the players get hurt the Angels want to keep their minor leaguers down their as long as possible until they are ready. We as fans dont want to see another brandon Wood. We also  dont want to see another Garret Richards or Tyler Chatwood and force them up to the majors when they are not ready.