1. To Get a Third Basemen

2. To get a Relif Pitcher

The Angels in my mind still need a still need a Third basemen even though alberto Callaspo was a consistant  3rd basemen as a hitter and the best by average on the Angels roster. I just dont like the angels rumored toward David Wright because he is a injury prone player. I think they can be linked to a Evan Longoria type of third base hitter for the price of Mark Trumbomb or Kendrys Morales once they prove themselves in the regular season.

I Still Think the Angels can use a better arm in the bullpen,and again i think as an Angels fan the Angels need another established MLB releif Pitcher becuase the Angels young Guns still needed to work on stuff and were not ready for the MLB. I think the Angels would either need a long reliever like Takahashi or a closer type of pitcher to help Jordan Walden. Either type of pitcher would help the Bullpen and the starting pitching staff more confidence in their bullpen.