I know the Pitcher-Catcher Relationship is special, trust me I Know i used to be a catcher. The Angels pitchers get to choose who their catcher is based on how comfortable they are together. Thats why the Angels had no offense from that position. As the new baseball year nears Mike will have to force the Pitchers and catchers with eachother. The Pitchers need to be very comfratable with all catchers. As we as fans saw last year we need all the help we can get in the offense.

What we saw last year from Bobby Wilson in the limited time he got he was a pretty productive batter. Hank Conger I think will be still in the Minors even though Mike likes to carry 3 catchers on the roster. Hank needs to stay in the Minors because he needs to play every day. I dont know much of Chris Ienneta so i am going to go off stats and he was hitting better than Conger and Wilson.

I think the Angels Catching order will be

1. Wilson/Ienneta


3. Conger ( I think he should stay in the minors, but knowing Sosica he will keep all 3 catchers)