ESPN why are you so biased against the Angels.  The Angels got Albert Pujols and immmediatly bashed by saying it was too much and it is not worth it in the long run and the first warm up in Spring Training has not even started!!!! By looking at the stadiums Albert Pujols sould be more productive in the HomeRun Coloum because of that shorter distance and smaller wall in Left Field. did you as a Sports network explain that at all no!!! it had to come from OC Register to tell the fans that. (please correct me if I am Wrong on that commet

Now here is Prince Fielder signing a 9 year $214 million. He is a heavier built type of guy. Why is it that ESPN as a Sports network just says “ooo he can play DH the rest of his carreer”. Even at 36 when his contract ends, Baseball is not a sport that favors guys his size, he is going to wear down faster than Albert Pujols. The only critisism/difficulty against the Fielder signing is that the left handed batters have hit no more than 14 homeruns at comerica park. Not to mention since he has termendous power to Center Field to Comerica Park has the Deepest Center field in the American League!!!!

So Please ESPN stop it with the we hate west coast teams and that your perdictions for Pujols was wrong and cover the Fielder signing fairly.