Buffalo Bills

1. How good is their defense gonna be?

Just by seeing the pass performances Mario Williams can make any defense better. He has to live up to that contract the Bills gave him.Also comes the chance of seeing Shawne Merriman to come back and reek havoc. The question with him will be if he can stay healthy.

2. How is Ryan Fitzpatrick gonna be?

Fitzpatrick was leading the Bills to be in a dogfight with the Patriots for the AFC East. Can he retain the begining of 2011 form to keep all of 2012?

New York Jets

1. What to do with Tim Tebow?

What I heard the Jets want to use him as a Fullback or a blocker on the Punting team. This is a real head scratcher because Mark Sanchez can go bad anytime of the season and if Tebow is injured their season is done. No chance at the East or even the Wildcard.

2. Will The Team Be A Working Unit?

All throught the year the nation witnessed the epic fail of the New York Jets. They went from AFC championship game to not even in the playoffs. The last part of the season the team started to turn on Sanchez and Holmes got mad on the last season of the game. In the Offseason when Sanchez got his extension the players were mad again at Sanchez. Can they overcome to return to glory.

New England Patriots

1. Can the Defense be better?

The Patriots Defense was last in giving up yards but in the middle of the pack in giving up points per game. The Patriots defense got better and better as the season went on. If the Patriots can give up less yards and less points it can mean more time that Tom Brady gets to run the Offense

2. Will Wes Welker get his contract?

Tom Brady’s Favorite WR got a franchise tag on him. based on his language recently he will take a 9.5 million like the Tag salery is,  he just wants the contract. He has Deserved the long term contract.

Miami Dolphins

1. Can they play like they did at the end of the Year?

The fins were playing good football at the end of the season, offically knocking out the Eagles and the Jets out of the playoff run. They were showing a little threat in them at last year.

2. Can Reggie Bush Do it again?

Reggie Bush had a good season last year and was the Dolphins top running back. Can he keep it up this year and reak havoc for defenses this year?