Baltimore Ravens

1. How is the defense gonna do without Suggs?

Suggs was injured while playing basketball according to reports and witnesses. The injury, an Torn Achellies Heel, usually takes 8 to 12 months to heel and rehab. He says he can be ready by November. Is their first round draft pick, Upshaw gonna be able to handle the position while suggs is gone?

2. Who will get the bigger contract, Joe Flacco or Ray Rice?

Both of them have showed they can carry the Ravens offense, but both of them cant get  the monster contracts. Ray Rice has been Franchised tagged and threating to be a no show. The agent for Joe Flacco also says he deserves a Tom Brady like contract. They are both expensive somebody will have to sacrifice or leave.

Cincinati Bengals

1. Can the Secondary be good with Terrance Newman

The Bengals signed Terrance Newman after he was released by the Cowboys earlier this offseason. He Has been showing frequently with the Cowboys he has been burned. Even the most delusional Cowboys fans said he sucks.

2. Can the Bengals all around imporve?

The Bengals made it to the playoffs last year and made it in as the 6th seed. They are in the most brutal division in all of football.They have to deal with the Steelers and the Ravens twice a year. Unless one of those teams struggles or the Bengals just dominate they will end up at the #6 seed again.

Clevland Browns

1. Can Trent Richardson be Elite?

Trent Richardson was a beast in college, can he make it in the NFL. The last good running back the Browns had Peyton Hillis was having an elite running back type season. With Richardson’s talent and the line he should be elite on a bad team.

2. Who wins the QuarterBack Battle?

Their will be a a quarterback battle in Cleveland. It will be between the struggling QB, Colt Mccoy and incoming draft Brandon Weeden. Weeden has the edge in my opinion because he has a clean slate and is coming off a win against the first draft pick Andrew Luck.

Pittsburg Steelers

1. What running game will the Steelers have without Rashard Medenhall?

The Steelers have no one person to rely on to move the rock on running. They will have to rely on 2 or 3 running backs unless they find someone that they are confident in putting as RB #1.

2. Will the Steelers sign Mike Wallace?

The Steelers used Mike Wallace as a #1 Wide Reciever and a deep threat. He helped spread the field for Big Ben and helped Miller get yardage at Tight End. The Steelers need Mike Wallace to help their whole offense game especially since Medenhall is gonna be injured the whole season.