Houston Texans

1. Can the Houston Texans stay healthy?

The Houston Texans were injury prone on the offensive side. The injuries included 2 QB’s injured for the season, Arian Foster, one of the NFL elite running backs, and Andre Johnson. In order for them to move deeper into the playoffs they will need to stay healthy

2. What is the defense gonna do without Mario Williams?

The Texans were in the top 10 in the Defensive teams in the league last year. Now the Texans are without Mario Williams and Demco Ryans and possibly Brian Cushing if he sore Knee injury at the OTA’s is serious.

Indianapolis Colts

1. What is Andrew Luck Gonna do?

Andrew Luck was the first pick of the draft. In the Past we have seen amazing #1 Qb picks and some bad #1 Qb picks. The big target Luck has to throw to is Reggie Wayne. It is goona be interesting to see if he is gonna develop good with just one dominant reciever.

2. What will Dwight Freeny do?

Rumor has it that Dwight Freeny has been talking contract extension. With Jim Irsay aka Mad Tweeter cleaning house on major offensive players this offseason it will be interesting to see if Irsay will just let Freeny go and rebuild the defense to.

Jacksonville Jaguars

1. The MJD contract situation

MJD has been asking for a Contract extinsion and has deserved it. MJD was a top running back in the 2011 and has been a go to guy for the Jaguars. He has already started skipping mandatory meetings and will sit out at all cost.

2. What Will Blaine Gabbert do this year?

Blaine Gabbert was not using his size last year and perparing for the hits before he threw the ball. When he is upright and has time to throw the ball he is very dangerous and will make the defense pay.

Tennessee Titans

1. Will Chris Johnson live up to expectations?

Last offseason when Chris Johnson finally got his contract extension he was talking a big game. He said he was gonna be leading the league in rushing. Well that never happened and did not live up to the expectations. He has to be elite to get back the fans and the respect a big contract running back should get.

2. Hassleback vs. Locker

Last offseason the Titans brought in both Jake Locker from the Draft and Matt Hassleback from free agency. The Qb battle will heat up again in the Training camp this year. The edge will be given to Hassleback for running the team last year.