Denver Broncos

1. Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning entire NFL Career was with the Colts until he was released and then signed by the Denver Broncos. The big question with Manning is can his neck take a hit? Their are a few teams I as a fan of the NFL would be worried about a couple of teams that would be playing against Peyton Manning. I also feel sorry for those players who play on Manning’s blind side since they may be known has hurting and possibly ending the career of Peyton Manning.

2. Peyton Manning’s favorite target?

Peyton Manning is gonna have to look for a new favorite target with the Broncos. He is either gonna have to make somebody a star or just go with Tim Tebow’s favorite target, Eric Decker.

Kansas City Chiefs

1. Can Matt Cassel rebound?

Matt Cassel had the worst season of his NFL career with only 10 Touchdowns and 9 interceptions and in week 10 broke his hand ending it prematurly. If he rebounds and becomes what he was in 2010 he can possibly give Denver a run for its money in the West and Cincinati a run for its money in the 6th place wild card

2. Dwayne Bowe situation

Dwayne Bowe is now holding out and not going to the mandatory workouts with the team and hopes the Chiefs will give him money. He was the Chiefs best Wide Reciever and will be missed if he misses any games due to his holdout. If this situation goes on long enough he can end up like Chris Johnson and have a below standards season.

Oakland Raiders

The Running Back situation

We all know Darren McFadden is gonna be the starter for the Raiders running game, but the question is who is gonna be the backup with Michael Bush signing with the Chicago Bears. They have two options in backups; Mike Goodson and Taiwan Jones. Goodson has was the 3rd string when McFadden was healthy and a backup when McFadden was injured. Taiwan Jones hardly got playing time with the 4th string running backs. It is going to be a competion for the backup position in Oakland.

Coach Dennis Allen

Richard Seymour has already said that the new coach “has it”. We all know that Seymour will say his opinion if he does not like it and as a veteran in that team it is good for Allen that Seymour has his back. Allen is new to the head coaching at the NFL and he will have compeition with the rest of the AFC West to win the division.

San Diego Chargers

Is Norv Turner done after this season?

Norv Turner coached a very dissapointing team last year and was rumored to be fired in the offseason. He has made it passed the offseason and has to do everything to keep his job in San Diego.  If he is not in 1st or 2nd place at the half way point of the season Norv Turner has a good chance of being fired from the Chargers head coach.