Steelers vs Eagles: The game will be a must watch IF the right Eagles team comes out on to the Field on Sunday. The Eagles have had miserable games against the Browns and the Cardinals but have had impressive wins against the Ravens and the Giants.  The Steelers are coming off a bye week and have some problem games of their own. They are 1-2. The looses came against the Broncos in week 1 and to the Raiders on Week 3. The only win was against the overtalked Jets. The Steelers will have help on the running game as their RB Rashad Mendenhall will be returning. The game should be interesting because the fans dont know what teams will play this game. Will it be close, shootout, or a blowout?

Broncos vs Patriots: Brady vs Manning. This upcoming game will renew the rivalry between Tom Brady and Patyon Manning. With both teams at 2-2 they both look to this game to get over .500. This game should be a high scoring game with both offenses and the Patriots not so great secondary.

Chargers vs Saints: The Saints are having an aweful season with no wins in 2012. This could be their chance to bounce back. The two high powered offenses should make it a high scoring game. It will depend on what Chargers offense will we see. Most likely both teams will have to try to out score eachother to win