The Patriots came out of week 5 with a win over the Denver Broncos by the score of 31 to 21. The Patriots continued success against Peyton Manning and The Broncos.

Running Game

The Patriots running game helped relieve the pressure for the whole team. The running backs combined got a total of 251 Yards. That helped Brady and the recievers in the pass game. This also helped the defense stay off the field and stay fresh. The only ¬†concern with the run game is Steven Ridley’s ball handling.

Wes Welker is back

Wes Welker had total of 13 catches for a total of 104 yards and 1 TD. Applying Welker as reciever #1 instantly made Brady and the offense better compared to the first 4 games. If they keep doing this the Patriots will be the most high powered offense in the league.