Miami beating Cincinati

The Cincinati Bengals came into the game as favorites to beat the Miami Dolphins. Andy Dalton, the Bengals quarterback was struggling the whole game. He could not read the Miami Dolphins defense at all today. Dalton ended with a 1 touchdown, 2 interceprtion, and a 27.3 QBR. Even AJ Green, Dalton’s favorite target had a below par day with 9 catches with 65 yards. Ryan Tannehill took advantage of the Dolphins deafense being good he set up 2 rushing touchdowns and a field goal enough to win the game. Even though Tannehill had no Touchdowns his QBR of 79.7 showed he knew what he was doing out there.

Green Bay looses to Indy

The Packers had the League all the way until the 4th quarter giving up a pretty sizable lead. The Packers got off to a fast start and Luck and the Colts came back and won the game in comeback fashion. This is a statement game by Luck by leading a come back. The game also says  the Packers have got to find a defense in order to compete with the elite. If they keep trying to rely on the offense the year will be a bust for the Packers.