The only team that is still undefeated in the NFL in the Atlanta Falcons. A lot of people are questionioning if the Falcons are legit.  The critics do have a point for this years Falcons. They have not faced anybody that would have given them a fight this year. Atlanta still has to play their division rival, New Orleans Saints, two times this year. The Saints have seemed to find their groove and will still be a challenge for both teams to win against eachother. The third hard game the Falcons are gonna have for the next eight games are the New York Football Giants. The Giants have a good record that they are not to be messed with in December. That game will be a game to watch for the country.

Another reason the Falcons are getting questioned is because of their little playoff resume with Matt Ryan. When they got to the Playoffs last year they faced the Giants in the Wildcard round and layed an egg at MetLife Stadium. The Game was not even close with the Giants winning easily 24 to 2. It is a more experinced and better team this year. Can the Falcons keep it up and not choke. Lets watch and find out.