The NL West You Did not Expect


Arizona Diamondbacks 24-16

Colorado Rockies 22-19

San Fransisco Giants 20-21

Los Angeles Dodgers 16-24

San Diego Padres 16-26

As at the end of May 13, 2018, this is the Standings in the NL West. If I showed you this in the MLB offseason, you probably would laugh at me. I, myself had the Dodgers penciled in for an appearance in the 2018 NLCS.  The only other NL West team I had in the playoffs are the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Rockies are a good team but I think they will get left out of the playoffs because of a strong NL central (you can now add a strong NL East). The Giants did not do enough and that even year magic is over. The Padres are the Padres. they will trade someone that is good on their team for more prospects to trade in the future.

The question now as of May 14, 2018, is what happened in the NL West. For my offseason favorites the Dodgers, the injury bug has hit them hard. They have had people come on and off the injury list, including Puig and Kershaw. The biggest injuries to happen to them are the Josh Turner and Corey Seagar injuries. The Josh Turner injury happened in spring training and they lost a great offensive juggernaut for their team. He is rumored to be back May 15 (according to the Dodgers Offical Website). The Corey Seagar injury is a big one because he is done for the year. He went on to have Tommy John surgery after tearing his UCL. When healthy Seagar is arguably the best player the Dodgers have. If we are gonna be going on last year the Dodgers also have to worry about Kershaw continuing nagging injuries. He is already on the 10 day DL for left biceps tendonitis. The Dodgers website has listed return as TBD. Another one of their important pitchers, Ryu, is on the DL with a torn groin muscle and is due back after the All-Star Break.

The Dodgers just got swept by the Reds and are 8.0 games behind in the NL West and 7.0 Games behind in the NL Wildcard. If they continue to show no signs of improvement, the Dodgers should play for tomorrow, and what I mean by tomorrow is next season. As of right now, I cant see the Dodgers being buyers or sellers.

The Arizona Diamondbacks have the second-best record in the NL and have been on fire the whole year. The Diamondbacks lineup is not shining with tons of .300 batting average hitters. Their best hitter is AJ Pollock and he is batting .301. the best player on the team, Paul Goldschmidt, is batting with a .210 batting average with only 4 homeruns. The team batting average is last in the MLB. RBI’s and Homeruns they are 17th and 19th place. How can a team be so good with such hitting woes? The pitching is great. They are #2 in the MLB in team ERA only behind the Astros. In most of the other important pitching categories, the Diamondbacks are in the top 5.

The Colorado Rockies are going to be a team on the playoff bubble in my opinion. Right now they are 2.5 games behind the Diamondbacks in the West and 1.5 games back in the NL wildcard. They are 1 of 6 teams within 1.5 games in the NL wildcard position. The Rockies only have 1 player hitting over the .300 batting average mark that is playing consistently and that player is Nolan Arrenado. Nolan Arrenado is batting .313, 8 homeruns, and 23 RBI’s. Their pitching staff is also showing pretty pedestrian numbers and that maybe the reason they will not make it to the playoffs in the loaded NL.

The Giants and the Padres are doing what they were expected to do and that is to be no effect on the rest of the league. They both tried this offseason with a couple of moves that seem to have no effect on their outcome for the season. The Giants have tried to comeback with adding Andrew McCutchen and Evan Longoria to their roster. Their offensive production as a team is still in the bottom 10 in the league. Their pitching is also nothing to write home about either with being in the bottom half in almost all the pitching categories. The Padres made their biggest splash in free agency in a long time with the signing of Eric Hosmer. He really has not lived up to the signing so far. He is batting .262, 5 homeruns, and 13 RBI’s. The sad thing is the Padres will be used for the 1 or 2 great players they have to trade to other teams at the deadline.

Just remember this NL West is not a computer simulation.

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Angels Complete The Sweep Of the A’s

Matt Shoemaker came in real clutch for the Angels in their afternoon game against the Oakland A’s. Shoemaker pitched six scoreless innings and and allowed 1 hit. The Offense was taken care of by Kole Calhoun and Albert Pujols. They both had 2 RBI’s. The Angels have completed the 1st sweep of the season and now are 1 game over .500. The Angels have to play better than .500 baseball to get to the Playoffs. So far so go looking in April.

The Angels get to travel to the Twin city to face the Twins at Target Field for a 3 game series starting Friday. Garrett Richards starts the series for the Angels. The Angels Hitters will have to face Tommy Milone on Friday.

Angels Get Passed the A’s

The Angels were down 4-1 with 2 outs in the eighth inning thanks to Semien’s 2 home runs in the game. Albert Pujols came up with 2 outs and 2 on in the eighth. Pujols ripped a double to the left field wall that brought in 2 that brought the game to within a run at 3-4. With the A’s held scoreless in the bottom of the eighth the angels had 3 outs to get 1 to tie or 2 to take the lead. Giovanni Soto came up with a runner on first and belted a 2 run home run over the left center wall. Huston Street came on in the bottom of the ninth to shut the game down. Huston Street earned his third save of the year and the Angels are now 4-4.

April has been the reason the Angels did not get to the playoffs the passed couple of years. They have so far been more successful in the early going than years past.

The Angels fans after today should be happier about the trade for Simmons. He made a long run and catch in foul territory in the ninth. This guy is great gold glove material. Hopefully is bat can catch up a little bit and it would be a more even trade.

The Angels have had a couple come from behind wins this season. Since the Cubs series they have showed the fans way more fight in the games.

The Angels will have Matt Shoemaker on the mound Wednesday afternoon to try to sweep the Oakland A’s.

Angels Baseball

First half Review: MLB

The first half of the baseball season is over and it is time to evaluate.

Biggest Suprises

Baltimore Orioles: The Orioles were perdicted to be in 4th or 5th place in the AL East, they have came out and actually was 1st place in the East. They have remained a threat in the East and also in the Wildcard. Can they keep it up in the second half and have one of the wildcard spots and be in the playoffs for the first time in the 21st century?

Chicago White Sox: The White Sox are the 1st place team in the AL Central, but with the Tigers locked and loaded it should be a dogfight tell the end. Players like Adam Dunn, Paul Konerko, and Jake Peavy are gonna carry this team.

Pittsburg Pirates: The Pirates were in this same situation last year but failed in the 2nd half of the season. Andrew Mccutchen is leading the whole league in batting average and has led the Pirates queitly to first place. The Pirates are gonna have to play a full season to get to the playoffs and that is the question for the Pirates to answer in the 2nd half.

Biggest Dissapointments

Boston Red Sox: Boston Red Sox have been messed up with injuries to their team in both position players and their pitching. the baseball nation was expecting to see the Red Sox and the Yankees to fight for the AL East crown.

Philadelphia Phillies: The Phillies have also been messed up with injuries and could not support their pitchers. he has been okay throught the season but has only has had 6 decisions. He has an average of 6 2/3 innings pitched a game. With Chase Utley and Ryan Howard back before the All Star break. The question is has the Phillies dug themselves in a hole they cant dig themselves out of.

Contenders for Awards


Josh Hamilton: Josh Hamilton has a .308 batting average, with 75 RBI’s, and 27 homeruns. He has made a case to be AL MVP even with his “slow” month of June.

Mike Trout: Mike Trout has put the energy back into the Angels and leading the AL in both batting average (.341) and in stolen bases (26) to put the Angels back into the Playoff race.

Justin Verlander: Justin Verlander has been the most consistent pitcher in the MLB and is the best player on the Tigers this year. Verlander has  a 9-5 record with 128 Strikeouts (tied for 1st in AL), 2.58 ERA (4th in AL), and a WHIP of .95 (2nd in AL).

AL Cy Young

Justin Verlander: (look at AL MVP)

Jered Weaver: Weaver finished the 1st half of the season with a 10-1 record and leading the MLB in both ERA (1.96) and WHIP (.90). Weaver also has a no hitter to go with his resume for the Cy Young Award.


Andrew Mccutchen: Has led the Pirates into first place as of the All Star break and is leading the League in average of .362, 3rd in the NL in runs with 58, tied for 4th in NL in Homeruns with 18, and 3rd in RBI’s with 60. He has got a huge advantage

Carlos beltran: Beltran has a .296 batting average 2nd in homeruns in the NL with 20, and leads the NL with 60 RBI’s. He has helped keep the Cardinals close in the NL Central race.

David Wright: David Wright has had a comeback year and has became a top 5 batters in some catagories. he has a .351 batting average (3rd in NL) and 5th in the NL in RBI’s with 59.

NL Cy Young

RA Dickey: Leads all of baseball with 12 wins, 2nd in the NL with 123 Strikeouts, 5th in the NL in ERA (2.40), and 1st in the NL in WHIP with a WHIP of .93.

Matt Cain: Matt Cain has a 2.62 ERA, a 9-3 record, 4th in the NL in Strikeouts with 118, and 2nd in the NL in WHIP with .96. He also has a perfect game to go on that resume.