College Football Week 2 Review

Week 2 in the College football world has come to an end. I am going to be reviewing the games I picked in my Week 2 Preview.

Georgia vs Notre Dame

I called this the “Bigger Disappointment” Bowl. In the preview, I picked Georgia to win 28 to 20. Georgia won 20 to 19 with a field goal by Georgia in the late going to get the win. I did say that this was going to be a running game since both starting QB’s are inexperienced. Nick Chubb and Sony Michael both had 13 carries, with Chubb having 63 yards and Michael having 73 yards. Georgia’s total rushing totals were 43 carries for 185 yards. Georgia’s QB Jake Fromm went 16/29, 141 yards, 4.9 Yards average per attempt, with 1 Touchdown and 1 INT, with a 13.2/100 QBR.

Notre Dame also was going to have to rely on Defense and the running game to win this game. The Run Game was disappointing in whole, with 37 carries for 55 yards. The defense did have 1 INT to help them keep the game close. Brandon Wimbush did better than I expected with going 19/39, 211 yards, 5.4 yards avg per attempt and a 19.3/100 QBR rating.

With Notre Dame losing, I am just waiting for a week that Georgia will fail to win and start their tailspin into the ground like they do every year.

Stanford vs USC

I called this game the best game west of the Mississippi. I had USC winning 56 to 35 because the USC Offensive War Machine will not be stopped. I got the pick right but was kind off on the score big time. USC won by a score of 42 to 24.

I did say that Bryce Love looks like to be the real thing. He had 1 carries for 160 yards 9.4 Avg with 1 TD. The Stanford Rushing total was 26 carries for 170 yards. This did really shock me that they did not have a 2 or 3 headed running attack. Keller Chryst did not really shine that much. His stat line was 15/28, 172 yards, 6.1 AVG 2 TD and 55.8 QBR. In order to beat USC one of these stat lines had to amazing. Stanford does have a chance still to win the PAC 12 north, but they are going to need some help.

USC just dominated both sides of the ball they held down the Stanford Rush game, which was reloaded. They do have their signature 2 headed running attack back. Stephen Carr had 11 carries, 119 yards, 10.8 AVG. Ronald Jones II had 23 carries 116 yards 5.0 AVG, and 2 TD’s. The USC rush totals were 48 carries for 307 yards. Sam Darnold even with 2 INT’s was still very excellent this game. Darnold’s stat line was 21/26 316 yards, 12.2 avg per attempt, and 4 Touchdowns and 2 INT’s with an a amazing 95.8 QBR rating.

I think USC will win the PAC-12 South easily and will win the PAC-12 and represent the PAC-12 in the College Football Playoff.

Auburn vs Clemson

This game was more high stakes for Clemson since the ACC looks weak right now with FSU’s QB being injured for the year. Auburn was there just to make it look like that Alabama has some sort of competition in the SEC before the College Football Playoff. I had Clemson beating Auburn by the score of 24 to 14. The score of this game was 14 to 6 in favor of Clemson. Now you can take this game in 2 different ways. The first is that These teams are both good and that Clemson; if undefeated goes to the College Playoff and Auburn has some chance of knocking off Alabama just because they kept this game close. The 2nd option to look at this game is that they both took a step back and Clemson may not be in the College Football Playoff this year.

Auburn had a great defense when they faced each other last year but had no run be honest I think they still have no run game. Their main back Kamryn Pettway had 22 rushes for 74 yards (3.4 Avg) and Auburn’s rushing totals were 42 rushes for 38 yards. Their pass game was not much better. Jarrett Stidnam only passed for 79 yards while going 16/24 average 3.3 yards an attempt.

Clemson did not fare better but they had enough offense and stellar defense to win the game. The quarterback Kelly Bryant led Clemson in the run game with 19 carries for 59 yards (3.1 Avg) and 2 Touchdowns. The next closest run totals was Adam Choice, who had 7 carries for 17 yards (2.4 AVG). The Auburn rushing totals were 36 carries for 99 yards and 2 TDs. Kelley Bryant was the shining QB this game going  19/29 181 Yards (6.2 AVG) 0 TD 0 INT and a 69.1 QBR.

I still got questions about these teams. I feel like Clemson maybe left out of the college football playoffs (Big 10 winner, PAC-12 winner, Big-12 Winner if they go undefeated, and SEC winner) if they don’t impress more.

Oklahoma vs Ohio State

This was the game of the week in my preview and is still my game of the week after the college football week. As you guys know I am not a fan of the big-12 and I made that clear in my prediction when I said Ohio State would beat Oklahoma by the score of 28-24. The score of the game was 31 to 16. Oklahoma made me eat big time crow last night.

I thought Ohio State was gonna be ready for anybody and anything in the pre-Michigan/Penn State games. I was wrong. Ohio State rush was still pretty good with 34 rush, 167 yards averaging 4.7 yards a carry with 1 TD. JT Barrett did not carry this team like I thought he would going 19/35 183 yards (5.2 Yards AVG) 0 touchdowns and 1 INT. When your offense only gives the team 1 touchdown you are putting a lot of pressure on your defense to be perfect every single drive.

Oklahoma just came to play on Saturday night on the biggest stage of the night in enemy territory. Oklahoma had a decent run game with 37 rushes for 104 yards (2.8-yard average) and 1 Touchdown. Baker Mayfield did what was expected of him, but I think he exceeded expectations. Mayfield’s line was 27/35 for 386 yards (11.0 AVG) with 3 touchdowns and 0 INT and a QBR of 87.5.

Ohio State is done in my opinion. They need to play good and regroup for a playoff run next year. Oklahoma if they go undefeated, they will get into the college football playoff. It would be amazing to have a game between USC and Oklahoma. Mayfield should be grateful he probably does not have to face Ohio State again. Mayfield should also be the first QB in picked in the Draft












College Football Week 2 Preview

This week I will go through 5 games I think will be the most interesting games of the week.

Georgia VS Notre Dame

This game is the “Biggest Disappointment” Bowl in my opinion. Both schools have not lived up to their name the past couple of years. With both QB’s being inexperienced, this game will rely on the running game and the defense. The Bulldogs bring back Nick Chubb who will be a Heisman trophy candidate. The Notre Dame rush and defense also were strong points in their week 1  win.

I don’t think the scores will be in the 40’s, but I think both teams will score into the 20’s. I am thinking that Notre Dame will collapse before in Georgia and lose this game 28-20. Notre Dame has only had 1 great season under Brian Kelly and he will probably be on the hot seat in the offseason.

How to Watch

4:30 PM Mountain Standard Time on NBC


Stanford vs USC

Stanford vs USC will probably be the best game on this side of the Mississippi. This could be a preview of the PAC-12 Championship game in December. Stanford is coming off a bye week and they faced Rice down in Australia a couple of weeks ago. USC was having trouble with Western Michigan but eventually finished them off.

With USC struggling to stop the run last week, this may be an interesting that allows Stanford to keep up with the USC offensive machine. Keller Kryst is also back with Stanford, but that does not give them the upper hand at the Quarterback position. I will say that Stanford will have to win the Time of Possession if they want to win this game. Luckily it looks like they found their guy for the job. Bryce Love ran the ball 13 times for 180 yards against Rice.

I am still gonna give USC the victory in this game by the score of 56 to 35. I think the USC pass game will be too much for Stanford’s power run game to keep up with. The USC defense not clicking on all cylinders will be the reason this game stays close till the mid 3rd quarter.

How to watch

5:30 PM Mountain Standard Time on Fox

Auburn vs Clemson

This is Clemson’s chance to regain some respect for the ACC, who did not have a good coming out party last week. With the Florida Gators looking horrible last week this maybe Alabama’s only challenge in the SEC.

Clemson is gonna play with a chip on their shoulder because they are not #1 in the AP poll in the first two weeks, but #3. Clemson looked like they reloaded at the Quarterback position with the emergence of Kelly Bryant. All signs point toward Kelly being the real deal and this will be the first challenge for Bryant. Kamryn Pettway is coming back after being suspended for being the opening game.

Auburn has to prove that the SEC won’t be more predictable than the NBA season. Auburn defense looked good last week. The big improvement Auburn has compared to last year is their run game is way better. Last week they ran for over 300 yards. It probably won’t dominate in Death Valley but it will give the passing game some room to shine.

I think Clemson will win this game with a good offense like Clemson’s and the addition on Clemson’s defense will be too much for Auburn to handle. It will probably be by the score of 24-14. If it is closer it will at least give Alabama something to think about during the season.

How To Watch

4:00 PM Mountain Standard Time on ESPN

Oklahoma vs Ohio State

Both of these teams have high stakes in this matchup. With the Big 12 looking weak last week Oklahoma probably has to be perfect just to get to the playoffs. Ohio State has to win or else those doubts will get louder (Can Ohio State Reload etc…). The Big 10 will go on without Ohio State (Michigan and Penn State). Another Race that has implications in this game is the Heisman race. If Baker Mayfield beats Ohio State and makes no mistakes, he is on a whole other level compared to the rest of the candidates.

Oklahoma has the better quarterback by a long shot, but can they slow down Ohio State’s run game and can they over come the defense that Ohio State has. This should be a fun game to watch.

I got Ohio State Winning by the Score of 28-24. I think that Ohio State’s run game and defense will be enough to keep them ahead of the Oklahoma air attack.

How to watch the Game of the week

4:30 PM Mountain Standard Time on ABC







Angels Complete The Sweep Of the A’s

Matt Shoemaker came in real clutch for the Angels in their afternoon game against the Oakland A’s. Shoemaker pitched six scoreless innings and and allowed 1 hit. The Offense was taken care of by Kole Calhoun and Albert Pujols. They both had 2 RBI’s. The Angels have completed the 1st sweep of the season and now are 1 game over .500. The Angels have to play better than .500 baseball to get to the Playoffs. So far so go looking in April.

The Angels get to travel to the Twin city to face the Twins at Target Field for a 3 game series starting Friday. Garrett Richards starts the series for the Angels. The Angels Hitters will have to face Tommy Milone on Friday.

Kobe’s Career is Complete

The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Utah Jazz 101-96 to send Kobe Bryant into the Sunset as a winner. Kobe Scored the final 15 of the last 17 for the Lakers to complete a vintage Kobe Bryant Performance. This was Kobe’s 6th and final 60+ point game.

That was one of the best ways to go out. Score 60 and have a ton of former teammates there watching you. Kobe I want to thank you for 20 years of memories. I have only been to 1 Lakers game and I will always Cherish it. It was in March 2012 against the New Orleans Hornets. Even though you only had 13 points that game you scored the game winning 3.

I am 21 years old. Out of all the Teams I like and all the players on those Teams Kobe has been the Forever man. It was great to watch the Lakers led by  Kobe Bryant win 5 Championships. I just want to say Thank You Kobe Bryant. Good Luck in Retirement.

Angels Get Passed the A’s

The Angels were down 4-1 with 2 outs in the eighth inning thanks to Semien’s 2 home runs in the game. Albert Pujols came up with 2 outs and 2 on in the eighth. Pujols ripped a double to the left field wall that brought in 2 that brought the game to within a run at 3-4. With the A’s held scoreless in the bottom of the eighth the angels had 3 outs to get 1 to tie or 2 to take the lead. Giovanni Soto came up with a runner on first and belted a 2 run home run over the left center wall. Huston Street came on in the bottom of the ninth to shut the game down. Huston Street earned his third save of the year and the Angels are now 4-4.

April has been the reason the Angels did not get to the playoffs the passed couple of years. They have so far been more successful in the early going than years past.

The Angels fans after today should be happier about the trade for Simmons. He made a long run and catch in foul territory in the ninth. This guy is great gold glove material. Hopefully is bat can catch up a little bit and it would be a more even trade.

The Angels have had a couple come from behind wins this season. Since the Cubs series they have showed the fans way more fight in the games.

The Angels will have Matt Shoemaker on the mound Wednesday afternoon to try to sweep the Oakland A’s.

Angels Baseball