The Bears have handled their schedule pretty good. The only loss they have is against the high powered Green Bay Packers. But the Bears have a challenge this upcoming Sunday against the Texans.  The Texans have had a good season  with only 1 loss to the Green Bay Packers. The Texans have had an impressive game against the Ravens beating them 43 to 13.

Their are several questions for the showdown on Sunday Night

1. Can Houston adjust enough to beat the Bears Defense?

2. Can Jay Cutler perform on the national stage of SNF?

3. Will the matchup turn into an old school running football game?

This is probably going to be the game of the week in week 10 and a good midseason test for both teams.

The only team that is still undefeated in the NFL in the Atlanta Falcons. A lot of people are questionioning if the Falcons are legit.  The critics do have a point for this years Falcons. They have not faced anybody that would have given them a fight this year. Atlanta still has to play their division rival, New Orleans Saints, two times this year. The Saints have seemed to find their groove and will still be a challenge for both teams to win against eachother. The third hard game the Falcons are gonna have for the next eight games are the New York Football Giants. The Giants have a good record that they are not to be messed with in December. That game will be a game to watch for the country.

Another reason the Falcons are getting questioned is because of their little playoff resume with Matt Ryan. When they got to the Playoffs last year they faced the Giants in the Wildcard round and layed an egg at MetLife Stadium. The Game was not even close with the Giants winning easily 24 to 2. It is a more experinced and better team this year. Can the Falcons keep it up and not choke. Lets watch and find out.

Miami beating Cincinati

The Cincinati Bengals came into the game as favorites to beat the Miami Dolphins. Andy Dalton, the Bengals quarterback was struggling the whole game. He could not read the Miami Dolphins defense at all today. Dalton ended with a 1 touchdown, 2 interceprtion, and a 27.3 QBR. Even AJ Green, Dalton’s favorite target had a below par day with 9 catches with 65 yards. Ryan Tannehill took advantage of the Dolphins deafense being good he set up 2 rushing touchdowns and a field goal enough to win the game. Even though Tannehill had no Touchdowns his QBR of 79.7 showed he knew what he was doing out there.

Green Bay looses to Indy

The Packers had the League all the way until the 4th quarter giving up a pretty sizable lead. The Packers got off to a fast start and Luck and the Colts came back and won the game in comeback fashion. This is a statement game by Luck by leading a come back. The game also says  the Packers have got to find a defense in order to compete with the elite. If they keep trying to rely on the offense the year will be a bust for the Packers.


The Patriots came out of week 5 with a win over the Denver Broncos by the score of 31 to 21. The Patriots continued success against Peyton Manning and The Broncos.

Running Game

The Patriots running game helped relieve the pressure for the whole team. The running backs combined got a total of 251 Yards. That helped Brady and the recievers in the pass game. This also helped the defense stay off the field and stay fresh. The only  concern with the run game is Steven Ridley’s ball handling.

Wes Welker is back

Wes Welker had total of 13 catches for a total of 104 yards and 1 TD. Applying Welker as reciever #1 instantly made Brady and the offense better compared to the first 4 games. If they keep doing this the Patriots will be the most high powered offense in the league.

Steelers vs Eagles: The game will be a must watch IF the right Eagles team comes out on to the Field on Sunday. The Eagles have had miserable games against the Browns and the Cardinals but have had impressive wins against the Ravens and the Giants.  The Steelers are coming off a bye week and have some problem games of their own. They are 1-2. The looses came against the Broncos in week 1 and to the Raiders on Week 3. The only win was against the overtalked Jets. The Steelers will have help on the running game as their RB Rashad Mendenhall will be returning. The game should be interesting because the fans dont know what teams will play this game. Will it be close, shootout, or a blowout?

Broncos vs Patriots: Brady vs Manning. This upcoming game will renew the rivalry between Tom Brady and Patyon Manning. With both teams at 2-2 they both look to this game to get over .500. This game should be a high scoring game with both offenses and the Patriots not so great secondary.

Chargers vs Saints: The Saints are having an aweful season with no wins in 2012. This could be their chance to bounce back. The two high powered offenses should make it a high scoring game. It will depend on what Chargers offense will we see. Most likely both teams will have to try to out score eachother to win

Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys gets a pass of...

Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys gets a pass of just over the out stretched arm of Texans line backer Xavier Adibi in the Cowboys win over the Houston Texans Sunday Sept. 26, 2010. Reliant Stadium. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dallas Cowboys

1. Is Tony Romo on the hot seat?

Tony Romo was struggling last year late in the game and single handedly gave the games away. Some games that come to mind are both Dallas vs Giants games and the Jets games. Yes their are some stats that says he is a good QB, but when it counts, Tony Romo can’t handle the pressure.

2. Is Jason Garret on the hot seat?

Jerry Jones has shown that he is getting desperate and he has had a high tolerance for Tony Romo’s poor clutch performance, Jason Garret will be a primary target if the cowboys do bad. Just like Wade Philliups, Garret will be on the hot seat on Week 1 of the 2012 Season.

New York Giants

1. Can the Giants do it again?

The Giants won the superbowl and have the biggest target on their back this season. The Giants seem to get start the season on fire, collapse in the midseason, and kick it up at the end of the season. They may not have that luxury this year since they have the toughest schedule (based on last years win percentage) and the Eagles and the Cowboys are trying to redeem themselves after last year and their disapointing endings. It will also be a dogfight in the NFC just to get a wildcard spot in the playoffs.

2. Is the Giants Offense as dangerous as last year?

This offseason the Giants lost Mario Manningham and Brandon Jacobs to the 49ers, and Jake Ballard to the Patriots when they tried to release and resign him. The Giants have already replaced Ballard with Martellus Bennett at Tight End. The Giants have

several Wide Reciever options to replace Mario Manningham. The Wide Reciever replacement will have to be battled through in training camp and preseason.

Philadelphia Eagles

1. Can the Eagles be the “dream team”?

Last year the Eagles were favorites to win the Superbowl in the preseason. The season went on and the Eagles failed to get to the playoffs. They became the center of critism. Now with the new draft picks the Eagles should have a better defense, but still have no Offensive line. The O-Line allowed Vick to get sacked 23 times last year. Vick needs to be more protected to avoid the injuries or the Eagles will never see the playoffs

2. Is this Andy Ried’s last year?

Primary Logo''' 1996–present

Primary Logo”’ 1996–present (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Andy Ried has the longest tenure on a single team, more than any active head coach. He could not fix any of the problems last year and was rumored to be gone in the offseason. If the Eagles do bad anytime this season their is a possiblility he wont be coaching the team at the end of the season.

Washington Redskins

Is RGIII gonna be an instant star?

RGIII has a lot of work to do to get to star status.  He is gonna have to do a lot of work and make a reciever a his go to guy. The team will get nowhere but his abilities will keep him at star status. RGIII will have to wait until the 2014 Draft/Free agency to get a star running back or wide reciever because the were forced to give up $18 million for 2 years because of actions in 201o.

Redskins primary logo 1972-1981, 1983-present

Redskins primary logo 1972-1981, 1983-present (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are the Redskins gonna be a playoff threat?

The Redskins have gotten better, but their have been to many teams getting better than getting worse. Lets face it the NFC East is a hell of a division, and will be next to impossible for the Redskins to win. The Wildcard is also gonna be hell to get through based on last years standings the wildcard holders a 10-6 record and it will be hard to get that good just because of a Quarterback.

Denver Broncos

1. Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning entire NFL Career was with the Colts until he was released and then signed by the Denver Broncos. The big question with Manning is can his neck take a hit? Their are a few teams I as a fan of the NFL would be worried about a couple of teams that would be playing against Peyton Manning. I also feel sorry for those players who play on Manning’s blind side since they may be known has hurting and possibly ending the career of Peyton Manning.

2. Peyton Manning’s favorite target?

Peyton Manning is gonna have to look for a new favorite target with the Broncos. He is either gonna have to make somebody a star or just go with Tim Tebow’s favorite target, Eric Decker.

Kansas City Chiefs

1. Can Matt Cassel rebound?

Matt Cassel had the worst season of his NFL career with only 10 Touchdowns and 9 interceptions and in week 10 broke his hand ending it prematurly. If he rebounds and becomes what he was in 2010 he can possibly give Denver a run for its money in the West and Cincinati a run for its money in the 6th place wild card

2. Dwayne Bowe situation

Dwayne Bowe is now holding out and not going to the mandatory workouts with the team and hopes the Chiefs will give him money. He was the Chiefs best Wide Reciever and will be missed if he misses any games due to his holdout. If this situation goes on long enough he can end up like Chris Johnson and have a below standards season.

Oakland Raiders

The Running Back situation

We all know Darren McFadden is gonna be the starter for the Raiders running game, but the question is who is gonna be the backup with Michael Bush signing with the Chicago Bears. They have two options in backups; Mike Goodson and Taiwan Jones. Goodson has was the 3rd string when McFadden was healthy and a backup when McFadden was injured. Taiwan Jones hardly got playing time with the 4th string running backs. It is going to be a competion for the backup position in Oakland.

Coach Dennis Allen

Richard Seymour has already said that the new coach “has it”. We all know that Seymour will say his opinion if he does not like it and as a veteran in that team it is good for Allen that Seymour has his back. Allen is new to the head coaching at the NFL and he will have compeition with the rest of the AFC West to win the division.

San Diego Chargers

Is Norv Turner done after this season?

Norv Turner coached a very dissapointing team last year and was rumored to be fired in the offseason. He has made it passed the offseason and has to do everything to keep his job in San Diego.  If he is not in 1st or 2nd place at the half way point of the season Norv Turner has a good chance of being fired from the Chargers head coach.